We a Twin Oaks see warranties breaking down into three (3) categories:


Twin Oaks warranties all repair parts, that we install, for one (1) full year, no questions.


Twin Oaks warranties all of our labor for one (1) full year, no questions.


Twin Oaks does not use “in-house” equipment warranties, as some of our competitors do because an in-house warranty is not worth the paper it’s printed on. Many heating and cooling companies have gone out of business in our area, leaving some customers with worthless warranties.

All Twin Oaks equipment warranties are written by world class manufactures and backed by the strength of the manufacturer and supported by rock solid underwriters. With Twin Oaks, you receive your warranty directly from the manufacturer for assurance that your guarantee is as good as gold.

Inquire about our equipment and labor warranties and how they relate to your current or future products and services. Warranties vary according to the manufacturer, so make sure you fully understand what you are getting. Also, don’t forget to inquire about manufacturer’s extended warranties at the time of purchase. Many manufactures want assurance that the maintenance terms of their warranties are being met. One sure way to satisfy that requirement is to obtain a Safety and Efficiency Agreement (SEA) from Twin Oaks for new or existing residential or commercial equipment. In addition to warranty protection, SEA’s work by giving you and your family “Peace Of Mind”, while saving you money and aggravation.

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