Safety and Efficiency Agreements

A Safety and Efficiency Agreement (SEA) provides security and “Peace of Mind” for today and tomorrow. Twin Oaks offers an extended service agreement to all residential, commercial and institutional clients. We know these agreements save customers money because our customers with SEA’s have fewer call outs than our customers without a SEA by a wide margin. The SEA ensures you will get prompt service day or night with no overtime charges. In addition you get 15% off all parts if the need arises and “first served” status in times of emergencies. These SEA’s are custom designed for each client and an in-home survey must be done prior to contract. Contact us today for more details and your “Peace of Mind.”

Twin Oaks SEA clients

Before you contact us, consider the items listed below, as they are not covered under the agreement.

  • Blown Fuses

  • A furnace blower door not positioned and closed properly

Don Wood

  • Damage caused by pets (i.e. chewed wires, urine)

  • Balance of registers for appropriate airflow

  • Tripped Circuit Breakers

  • Dirty Filters

  • The malfunction of a unit not installed or covered by Twin Oaks.

  • Gas valve not turned on (Gas Company)

  • Thermostat Battery

  • Any equipment, Twin Oaks installed, which has been disconnected / moved, by any other company will void the agreement.

NOTE: The SEA does cover the trip charge, the safety and efficiency service, cleaning and filter change, it does not cover the cost of a Service Call or any repair related services.